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It'a all a bit too soon to answer that . I've been chatting with someone on a dating forum who's in a polyamorous relationship already, and this was what made me realise that was what I wanted to be part of. I don't know whether this someone and her polyfella are interested in me, I'm somewhat older than they are (though she said that wasn't an issue). We'll see.

I just know that a vee wouldn't do it for me, it'd have to be a triad. I've literally been dreaming about it ever since I was around 11. I thought it was just me either being bi, or throwing some kind of safety net because I 'didn't want to admit I was gay', or some such 70's bollocks. But I've several times fallen in love with both halves of a couple, and never told them (and hardly even told myself). New horizons, new opportunities to feel vulnerable and 15 again, dammit!
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