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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
It wouldn't cross my mind, either. I certainly wouldn't go looking for a poly group at a sex shop. I used to manage an adult shop. We had folks from the fetish community in, we had folks from the swinging community in--we had no folks from any poly group come in of which I'm aware (and any requests to post info, yada yada yada had to have my approval).

I have to say I wouldn't visit any poly group that had posted info in a sex shop. That suggests to me the folks in it are more interested in meat market dating and looking for hookups and I'm not interested in that.
That wouldn't be my first reaction ... I would think someone is trying to get word out in a place that is already accepting of a wide variety of alternative lifestyles.

But yes, the meat market thing could be just as true.
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