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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
It wouldn't cross my mind, either. I certainly wouldn't go looking for a poly group at a sex shop. I used to manage an adult shop. We had folks from the fetish community in, we had folks from the swinging community in--we had no folks from any poly group come in of which I'm aware (and any requests to post info, yada yada yada had to have my approval).

I have to say I wouldn't visit any poly group that had posted info in a sex shop. That suggests to me the folks in it are more interested in meat market dating and looking for hookups and I'm not interested in that.
I have to agree not into the meat market type dating, But maybe they list social clubs and the such in there or know of some in the area.... I guess like I said I have tried the websites and to no avail have gotten no where so I was hoping there was a way to locate clubs via the board.... Unfortunaly not as i have got the run around on here also, Guess I'll just shelve this and put it a side....
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