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I am actually really open on the age... to a point. I am 26, will be 27 Saturday...

I'd be open to ages from 18-40ish provided there is mutual atttraction. But anything much over that could make it ackward for me. I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone as old or older then my parents or something....

It would be a huge turn on for me to be with someone in their mid 30's or so. I've never been with an older woman, and I think emotionally it would be fun. Maybe sexually too if we got that far.

I would be a little worried about someone closer to the 18 bracket, as its a confusing time in life and one of my goal is to create no scars on anyone's life. So i'd have to be comfortable she knew what she was doing.

You raise an interesting point, redpepper. And one I have pondered before. My wife has the qualities I want in someone I would spend the rest of my life with, but there are things I find interesting or attractive about people, but maybe can't see myself married to them. So I guess getting to play in the poly world would allow me to possibly get to experience things I would not otherwise. Quite a plesent thought, really.
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