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So anyway, by "practicing" I meant that he is practicing short hikes with his backpack and gear, and also experimenting with different food combinations to take with him.

I am not into hardcore survival camping and I probably would have a small Class B motorhome if I could afford it. The reason for that is because I find it appealing to be able to drive out into the middle of nowhere and have everything you need. If I had the choice between that and a hotel, all other things being equal, I'd still pick the trailer or motorhome because everything would be MINE; I wouldn't have to wonder if the maid really did change the sheets or just said "They look clean enough to me" and made the bed.

My mother always looked down on people who had RV's because even though she didn't like camping, she said that if you aren't going to "rough it" (i.e. use a tent), you might as well rent a motel room. I don't buy into this mentality. Although I don't like staying in those "KOA-style" RV-parks, I do like staying at state parks, which do not have electricity at the sites by the way, or clothing-optional places, which is not camping at all, but is cheaper than renting a room (and that's primarily why we started with a tent; the trailer came a few years after).
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