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Well the situation was that the wife of someone was trying to get their partner to be more involved in communicating with their shared partner. Because she knew him so well and that he can be neglectful of communicating, she was getting involved in facilitating their communication. My point to her was to not get involved in that way. They have their own relationship and it will play out the way it should just the two of them. To me, that's how it should be. Its that whole stepping back thing that parents do with their kids when they are attempting to make friends etc. and find their own way in life. Really it wasn't up to her to facilitate, perhaps offer suggestions to him under the guise of "sweetheart, I know you and I know you don't mean to neglect communicating, but, I know you tend to, perhaps you should try to keep that up with so and so..." and that's it, no more prompting than that. The rest is up to them.

Interestingly, the other partner didn't seem to value communicating the way that my friend did and it wasn't as big an issue as she thought it might be. Just goes to show, what one things will be a big deal or not to us is not to someone else. Standing back and observing, being there when needed is often the best one can do. Hands off approach kind of thing.
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