Thread: Am I Depressed?
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I second TP. I've battled depression and anxiety my whole life. Some days, weeks, months are better than others. I to am the go to one for friends with problems, I hold the world together for everyone else. But when I bottle it all up for to long, I fall apart. You've got to talk to someone. Anyone. Get it all out. Then work on rebuilding you with healthy outlets for the emotions that build up.

It's hard to be there for everyone else b/c we tend to take on their problems as our own, add that to our own and we carry much more than our share of emotions.

You've got to find an outlet for that.

I'm also one who wouldn't be around if it weren't for meds. I'm off them now and readjusting to that, but if I hadn't had them, I'd be gone. Just something to consider. There's nothing saying you need them forever and ever.
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