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I was probably in a similar spot to your wife....very unsure, if not, against the whole concept. However, my hubby kept listening to the Podcasts and gaining new info, and sometimes when on road trips, we listened to them together. He never pushed....just, um, quietly talked. Apparently I listened.
When a friend of mine (ours) opened up a bit about her own sexual exploration, I seized the opportunity and asked if she would be interested in 'de-flowering' us? It was a big step, and she and I both actually resisted for a while in fear that it would ruin our friendship. Three months later, here we are.
From what I can see in this new world, it appears that the woman/wife almost always directs the action.
So...I would recommend just talking about your desires openly with absolutely no pressure placed on her, then, just get out and start meeting people, if there is no one in your circle of friends that may already fit the bill.
Good luck.
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