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Talking Senior member? *snork*

Sometime in the last couple of days, I passed 100 posts and hit Senior Member status. Funny. I don't feel like I know more... For all you folks know, maybe I just like to play the word association game a lot.

That wasn't actually why I came on to post, but it made me giggle.

Indigo sat me down tonight with an "I've been thinking... " These always strike a lighting bolt of fear into me, despite the fact that he has never once said something negative after beginning this way.

He wants to offer Mr. A and I the chance at 3 days a week together! Which in itself is goood news, but even better for me, was that I didn't immediately jump at the opportunity, screaming "OH YESSS!" like I'm in a shampoo commercial. The first thought through my brain was ACTUALLY "Is this good for everyone?"

So after talking with Indigo and Mr. A a bit, we've reached a "try it and see what happens and listen to everyone" agreement. I felt thrilled by my reaction because it really does mean we're settling in and I can get on LIVING without the wonderful but oh-sooooo-exhausting NRE high.

Mr. A brought up the great point that if we only have an hour to see each other rather than a whole evening, with three "days" to see each other it's not going to feel like we're "wasting" a day and should hold out for better times based on his unpredictable and demanding work schedule.

This hit me as a DUH moment. Why should we label days as "Indigo's" and "Mr. A's"??? I suppose this boundary was necessary in the beginning or I surely would've disappeared in a puff of NRE. But with the way things have settled now, of course it is possible that all parties feel their needs have been met ON THE SAME DAY.

Again, DUH.

This can only lead to greater comfort and flexibility, I think.

On an equally pleasing front, after Saturday's brunch, the guys have been casually chatting on MSN. This is thrilling for me, of course.

We're all having dinner tomorrow (tonight??), and I'm cooking. I'm looking forward to it a great deal because I see Indigo and Mr. A as potential friends, and we don't entertain guests very often at all.

Gee, it's almost like hard work and communication pays off or something!
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