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Default Definitions and all that such stuff...

Ok, I was trying to explain the differences in "Open", "Swinger", and "Poly" relationships to a friend of mine the other day who was asking a lot of questions (the woman is in a normal relationship but asks questions cause she finds me and my lifestyle different and interesting) and I'm not so sure I did the definitions justice because I think I have her more confused than she started ..she did have one question that I thought was good and honestly I couldn't answer for her except for to tell her it was and emotional thing as opposed to a sexual thing...she said "I understand what you are saying but honestly what is the difference and if you are seeing more than one or two people isn't it all the same thing?" Usually I'm great with words but for some reason I just stared at her and she actually giggled at me..I punched her in the arm for that one! Can anyone help me with a response for that one because I would like to give her something more than just "it's an emotional thing instead of a sexual thing".
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