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Well, since this is the 'Roller Coaster' comes the down......CRASH!

As mentioned, Friday was outstanding, and Saturday day was great. C and hubby hung out a bit and had a nice time!

I arrived home with dinner, and unbenounced to me, C left to get home herself, and told me that we needed to be at her place within the hour to go to this party that she had booked us in to...with our agreement, of course.

So, rush rush rush. No dinner for me. Actually no food since breakfast - I SHOULD KNOW better I know!! And we picked her up.

The party was great with a live band and lots of ppl...outside. It should have been fun....but the monster was starting to surface!!! Aaaaaah!

Seriously, I had no idea where it came from, but it was bad and I wanted to leave. Of course, I wanted to leave with my hubby. Everyone was on eggshells. C wouldn't come near me. Hubby was sticking close by, arm around me.

Anyhow, needless to say....a big implosion followed by a day of no talk to/from the hubby. C and I made up the next day, but then she stopped talking to me on Monday, because he was afraid to Skype with her.

Ack...we have talked it out again. I feel like a douchebag and have apologized profusely, and tried to loosen my grip...still trying!! They are both begging me to do so...OR to end it. Frick. Tough tough work!

She is coming over for dinner tonight. Hopefully, we can all be cool.

I booked ANOTHER counseling appt, in hopes that someone can help with this 'control' thing (apparently) that I have going on.

I know I have asked before....but someone must have some sort of 'technique' that I could try to 'de-sensitize' to the situation or ????

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