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I can admit to being ok in any situation because the way I see things is LIVE IT UP!!! Thank you Meemaw!!! My grandmother is a woman who takes charge of any and all situations and she instilled the same thing in me. I can be alright in any situation and am often called upon to do so as my job requires me to be in large groups on a regular basis but I do feel more comfortable just being at home with my men (my husband and my 2 sons) this is where I am happiest. I do also like my alone time with just a book in hand but I do need my time with other people around and just hearing all the hustle and bustle which is the complete opposite of my hubby who could survive in a world without anyone else outside of our house, silly man. Maybe this is why we are so good together, we counteract each other's personalities and level things out.
There is no life without freedom, the freedom to be who and what you are.
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