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Originally Posted by Schmidt12 View Post
Ariakas, I completely agree, but she was all for it, but when I say bicurious I mean she finds women sexually attractive but doesn't know if she could date a woman. Should she try doing things with a woman on her own? We are very open and communicative, and I believe this is a good path because it makes you look deep inside yourself for your own faults in my opinion.
I know there are degrees of bi-curiosity. My wife was once bi-curious and is now bi. My ex was bi-curious and now straight. There are all sorts of degrees in between.

No, I am not saying she should play on her own (although its not a bad idea), I am simply saying if you want to enter into a relationship (with love and all of that jazz) with someone its good to have all of your gender preference cards on the table. It would suck if some woman fell for your wife, and your wife suddenly decided she was straight. And yes, I have seen this happen. It can be devastating for everyone involved.

I guess I tend not to mix love and sexuality experimentation. I did once, and it burned me and my wife
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