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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
okay, no one mentions this topic and I have some questions....

1. Does anyone prefer certain things with certain partners?
2. Does anyone have more sex with one partner over another?
3. Does anyone in a "V" have threesomes with their partners?

I will be honest here, there are just certain things that I can do with my female partner that I can't with my husband (I'm sure you can understand why ) just as there are things I can do with him I cant do with her...I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's just the mechanics coming into action here but hey, you never know?! As for threesomes in the "V", when my husband and I were in our relationship with our love we usually all three were together and most of our sex was in the form of a threesome but that is how we all liked it and to be honest about it we had a lot of fun trying to find new and exciting ways to keep things interesting. But I will say that we did have our times when there was only 2 of us because we all knew that we wanted and yes, needed our one on one time with each other. I knew that he needed his time with her just as he knew I needed my time with her as well and she knew the 2 of us needed our time alone. But we did prefer our all together time!!!
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