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Originally Posted by Schmidt12 View Post
Thanks for the replies and advice! Let me clarify a bit tho, my fiancee was attracted to this girl too ( she's somewhat bi-curious) and I was more interested in the threeway relationship aspect, cause it made me feel like being a better person for both. My fiancee was fine with us having sex just us but she wanted to have the threesome first, but none of this happened basically I believe cause the person we were involved with isn't the greatest relationship person. But we were still intrigued by the idea but we both want to be involved with the person, is this normal in Polyamory?
A word of...warning. If she is bi-curious she may want to find out if she is reallly bi before trying to enter into a "relationship" with a woman. There is a lot of potential mess when there is a curious party. You never when someone might turn cold when the realize they are straight

The first rule of polyamory is that there is no normal. Does your fit a typical mold. Sure. My wife and I started out as open relationship threesome lubbers.

Enjoy the journey
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