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Default Update

OK so hubby and M (gf) haven't been talking as much...which i can't say i am sad about. He has been flirting and talking to a new girl S and i really like her. She and I have been talking and having real conversations. Last night the 3 of us spent hours talking to each other in the same chat window, this would never happen with M. I really am hoping that M will fade out of our lives and i have told hubby that. He loves her and i can't just take that from him but i think he is seeing what she is doing to me and is really listening now. But i am feeling better and just seeing how things play out. He is still wishing that M and me can be friends but i really think we are past that stage now. I can't fake liking someone i am just no good at it .

Hoping the 3 of get to talk again tonight.
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