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Originally Posted by Twinkle View Post
Well my best advice is not to just think that someone will walk up to you and say "yes, I will be the second love of your life". (Could happen, but...) There is some "getting to know" and just like finding the first love there may be some trial and error, but the journey itself can be much fun. Just stay honest and know when to call it when it isn't working out.

I'm going to have to agree with Twinkle here as it actually happened to me, a woman did walk up to us and say she could be our third and true love only to find out that she could love us both but that she wanted us together and alone as well. She wanted the relationship with both of us but wanted to live seperate from us and wanted more one on one time than together time which is what ultimately seperated the relationship as we wanted someone to be a part of us and our family not just someone to see on occasion and whenever the "mood" struck.

It is a rare thing to find that one woman who is capable of coming into an already established relationship and becoming a full part of it and an even rarer thing to find one who when she does come into it is capable of feeling like an equal in it, if you find her, hold on to her with dear life and treasure her because our unicorns are a rare find and a real treasure. These women are the ones who those of us who have been in this kind of relationship for a long time value above all as they are the ones who are capable of completing us and they are few and far between.
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