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Default New need advice

Hi, first time poster really (other than intro) but have been checking the site alot. I thought I was weird for feeling this way, but then I saw this website and behold! It's not so weird, and I'm not so different. But me and my fiancee tried a threesome months ago and wanted to try again, but we are kind of shy and didnt know how to find someone. So we talked to a friend about it and she was willing and tricurious haha. But something happened I didnt expect... I began to have feelings for her and I thought it was wrong but I discussed it with my fiancee and found the topic of polyamory. Things with the friend havent materialized because she started talking to a guy and we thought it fair to give her a chance at normalacy. But the feelings remain, and me and my fiancee have had a little rough patch. But being clear, communicative, and honest has cleared that up. We are now being slow and careful with this, but I would like some advice from people who arent so new to the idea and have maybe been in a similar situation, much thanks!!!
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