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Learning and Letting Go...
One thing that finding this community (which I really need to try and be a more active member of) has done is help me learn about why I've had negativity shot my way when revealing that I'd like to be Poly... it's partly all those <long string of extreme swearing> men who cheat and when caught say "ooh, I'm sorry... I'm poly but didn't want to hurt your feelings/wasn't sure how to tell you" giving men who genuinely want to be Poly a bad name. I've been accused of cheating since beginning my 'journey' and it really hurt (not by my wife, I might add... long, messy story involving lots of assumptions and some appalling double standards), so to think that there are blokes who do cheat and then use Poly as an excuse just... words can't really describe how it truly makes me feel...

As for the letting go part of that title... well, I won't go into details, it hurts me to much to do so, but I have finally began to let go of my feelings for someone I loved so, so much only to have it all go utterly wrong when after a long period of difficult times both at home and at work she ended up being pretty much at ground zero when my brain exploded. She never loved me like I loved her, but she did love me as a friend... and I hope she and I can be friends again one day. Hopefully my finally letting go of the past and the emotions that go with it will help that happen.
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