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Thanx Redpepper

Yes so far things are going fantastic and we'll see how things go after bf and I have our first night (which will be this weekend if he gets all healed up ) I am really nervous about that as I really really really don't want it to change anything between hubby and I. Hopefully we've both had enough time to mentally prepare for it. He knows now that I won't hold back given the opportunity with bf now that I have his blessing. And I know that when he and his gf finally meet i'm sure they won't be able to keep their hands off each other as they have already had the naughty conversations online. LOL

I love our date nights. The three of us went bowling together and as we were taking our turns I would kiss each of my men. It was great. Hubby isn't entirely comfortable with me showing affection with bf so I didn't do it directly in front of him. I'm sure the people bowling next to us though were wondering wtf was going on with the trio bowling next to them.LOL Afterwards we went into the parking lot to sober up a bit before driving home (we went through 4 pitchers of beer LOL). We decided to walk to the grocery store across the street and I held each of their hands. It felt fantastic!!! Though hubby told me later that he wasn't a real big fan of that. LOL I just really consider myself lucky to have the two most fantastic men.
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