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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Is your husband asking you to let her and her comic books and video games to move in with you from halfway across the country with no job and no money after writing letters to her probation officer because she was convicted for shoplifting from Hot Topic?

Sorry about the run-on sentence just there.
Ha Ha no its not that extreme. But his girlfriend has lived in foster care for years and she just turned 18 in March. She has goals and ambitions, she's going to beauty school in the fall. BUT when my husband first met her she was possibly pregnant with her ex's baby. So we talked about the possibility of moving her in and helping her raising it. I'm glad that we aren't going to have to do that though and she is hell bent on going to school which is good. My big concern is her possibly unstable past. I don't have any idea about why she was in foster care and what happened with her family. I haven't dared ask. She currently works as a nanny and takes care of kids so we also considered moving her in to help tend our kids. But right now our relationships are far too young.

My advice to you (as if I could give any as I'm just as new at this lol) is just really take things slow as possible. It's really difficult, I know. But talking about anything and everything and keeping that communication open really really helps. Tell your wife ALL your feelings and make it known to her that you expect her to consider ALL of your feelings too. That was one thing I really kept in mind because I knew that asking my husband to let me have a lover was really asking just too much of him. So I treaded lightly and let him sort out his own feelings about it first before I pressed anymore about it.

We stll have iffy feelings about the whole situtation but each day brings new experiences and we take it as it comes.
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