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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
He talked to me tonight... *sigh*

We are friends, although we will be going slowly so he can regain his trust in me. He forgave me for my temporary insanity and said, very clearly, he can not be in a poly relationship. I think that is what I really needed to hear, those two things, and now I know that I can be "just friends" with him. All hail compersion!
well this is good news... at least you will have a friend. That is better than having an ex-lover. Sometimes friends last longer.

Keep at it Vandalin. I went through many many men before finding Mono. I had given up, I remember I didn't even bother to wear deodorant as I thought it probably wouldn't work out and that he would be like the rest. I didn't bother with anything, whereas before I put a nice outfit on, wear some make up, lip gloss, fixed my hair, brushed my teeth, put hand cream on and made sure I smelled nice.... I remember seeing him and thinking, "oh shit, this is different,...... crap, I should of made an effort!" He loved me anyway, of course, because the right ones always do!
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