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Default Definition Help - Triad versus V

Hi there,
So our story is one where we met a friend of a friend at the pub, back in March. My hubby, me (the wife) and her, all hit it off famously.

She and I ended up hanging out together A LOT. One night at a dinner party, we were the last to leave and she came up to both of us, turned to me and kissed me, AMAZINGLY. We proceeded to have our first threesome. She was totally into me like crazy...hubby felt a little left out. It was really a mind blowing out of the box experience for me and it lasted several hours. At the end, she lay on top of me and told me she loved me. It was exhilirating.

We continued the relationship the next day and so on and so on. As the time marched on - 3 months now - she has fallen more and more in love with hubby, and he with her. As I have written on other threads, I have some jealously issues now that come from the depths that I am trying to figure out and control if possible.

The IDEA that this was a TRIAD was MUCH more appealing to me than a V, as I think it may be termed now. If my hubby is the hinge, it seems to be exerting a LOT of pressure on him.

Is it possible that it is still a TRIAD but with various levels of love involved? I like the 'equal' nature idea of that terminology and living.

What say you??
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