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I wouldn't assume that Bree is a "cowgirl". She may just be really confused about a person and situation she's had no prior experience with, and few family members or friends who can give her some good guidance or a listening ear.

Until meeting my guy online, I'd never heard of polyamory. He didn't initially identify himself as such, but it came up after a few phone conversations. At first I was "No Way...not for me!" I believed others could love more than one person at a time, but didn't know if I could or wanted to try and find out.

But.....I just happened to really like this guy. He was open and honest that he was very committed to his current partner and a poly lifestyle. I never considered trying to "take him away" as in cowgirl style. That would have been soooo unloving. So, I changed my mind and did lots of reading and asked lots of questions. And took things slowly. Eventually I had a casual phone conversation with him and his current female partner. Then we met in person....and she and I enjoyed one another's company. (Ours has been a long distance relationship. We currently live 7 hours away from each other.) Come next week, I'm moving closer to where they live (within an hour) and we'll see how things go!

In all honesty, if some guy came into my life who wanted a mono relationship, I might go that direction. I've been married twice and loved being part of a committed couple. I can't, however, imagine not having my couple in my life at this point in time. I'm much older than Bree (55 years old), gone the mono route, came out of a conservative Christian background, have raised my children....but change can sometimes happen over time. I'm one example of that happening.

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