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Default Potentially dating a FF couple

I am a straight male, and there is a possibility of dating two women who are in a relationship together. I have no experience with groups, but am interested in a 3-way relationship. We're just getting to know each other, so any actual date is likely a ways off.

As a noob to this sort of thing, what questions should I be asking them? And what questions should I be asking myself?

Why do I want to pursue this sort of relationship? I can't come up with an answer. Ask why I'd want to pursue a monog relationship, and I'd still be unable to answer. It's not a "3-way, giggitygiggity!" kind of thing. I have a real interest in polyamory. The question will inevitably arise, though- why am I interested?

Hopefully some dialogue here will help me think, and make sure I'm doing this for the right reasons. Any thoughts?
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