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Originally Posted by PixieStyx View Post
OMG!!!! Your situation is almost parallel to mine. I being the wife was the one that aprroached hubby about polyamory after falling in love with someone else. We've got NRE all over the place and are really trying to take things slow. I can also really relate to your concerns about your wife's friend being so young. My husband's new love is only 18 and we haven't met her in person yet either. I am very concerned about her maturity level and age with this kind of relationship structure. But so far things are going well for us. We are just taking things a little at a time.

Good Luck to you
Is your husband asking you to let her and her comic books and video games to move in with you from halfway across the country with no job and no money after writing letters to her probation officer because she was convicted for shoplifting from Hot Topic?

Sorry about the run-on sentence just there.
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