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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
*more hugs* Bless your heart.

I'm glad for his sake he found the stones to clue you in, not that you hadn't already figured it out for yourself.

And this way, at least he won't be holding up the line.

Allright, then. That, as you say, is that. What's the plan going forward? NeonKaos is absolutely right; if people aren't lining up for the opportunity to spend time with you, it's probably because they aren't aware that the queue is forming. Are the interested parties to take numbers and wait to be called, or will there be a physical queue of candidates winding through the streets of your neighborhood? I would think taking numbers would be more efficient (crowd control, traffic hazards, etc.), not to mention the effect on the local economy. So many potential suitors waiting on line at once has got to slow down productivity. Just some factors to consider; whatever you decide to do will be fine, I'm sure.
Speaking for myself, I met Mags last week, and even though I wouldn't call it "love at first sight", I do look forward to seeing her again, with or without our other partners present.
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