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Default Jumping In...

Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. I am Innocent .

Short version of my/our story...
I have been dating someone for a year and a half. He has in the past dated A on and off for a few years. We all know all of his needs aren't met by one relationship, but the balance of A and I seem to have that potential - and also meet our needs. That's what it is about, right?

Well, we are just getting acquainted as a threesome and looking to see how things unfold. I have previously and currently been in the swinging lifestyle, so some of this comes easily. It is going to be the navigating time for both relationships and the communicating between the three of us that will be new (when including emotions).

Wish us luck and I will share more as we head out on the venture. I have enjoyed reading on the board here
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