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ummmm sorry maybe I am missing something, but you are inviting her over with the intention of, hopefully, becoming romantic, but not wanting to give away your interest? I hope she doesn't feel like she has been ambushed if it comes up. People can be particular if they aren't expecting romance and have it thrust on them.

As for the menu. I am not sure. I love to cook but I don't do vegetarian. For our date nights we tended to spoil


We opened up with

Oysters, crab and crackers/tapanade. A nice garden salad with vinnegrette

Usually some sort of a soup that I made. Potato leek or Carrot were fan favorites in my grouping

Would usually hit a nice steak or tuna steak. Something hearty. We didn't usually get this far in the meal


A good dish which might suit is a variation of spinach salad.
Steam the Spinach.
Reduce lightly in a seperate pan some red whine vinegar with sesame oil. I would experiment with your taste buds. I love the flavours so I tend to make extra and a little on the oily side compared to what Pengrah enjoys.
Take your favorite seed with some crunch

Put spinach in serving bowl, poor the sauce on top and put seeds on top (you can even put sesame paste on top if the texture doesn't bug ya)

One of my personal favorites and its a little variation


Homeade tofu feta eh? Thats sounds good
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