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Wanted to say thanks again for all your support, and bring, what I think might be my final update.

Friday was fine, all 4 of us and some other friends. I got too drunk, I suppose because I had anxiety knowing 'the talk' was still on the table for Sunday.

Saturday was a long story, and I'll spare all the silly 'this upset me' whining. He met us out Saturday night. I was really looking forward to the night, hoping the three of us could enjoy ourselves together, we'd go home, and I'd give them their space. Well, no such luck. I excused myself to the ladies room shortly after he got there (to give them some alone time), asked the mrs to watch my cup. (Huge pain in neck to get one at one of these beer tents. I took my time getting back to give them room. I get back to where we were all standing, see her walking away, and him across tent. I call he back, she tells me he feels like he's intruding. I tell her that's silly to go get him. Well, somehow thats not what she heard, she heard go to him, cause after watching them in each others arms, I realized I was going to be sitting alone. I left, went home.

Yesterday we started discussing the separation

Just sucks. I do see now, that my inabilty to handle this is really taking it's toll on her. I'm going to stay in the 2nd bdrm for awhile until we get our finances cleaner. It's just so damned sad. I'm heartbroke, I know it's better for her...just sucks. I did promise that we could keep this between us, and I'd still go be arm candy when she needs to present a unified couple infront of his wife, so they can continue without issue. (dont beat me up for it, I love her and she needs my help).

I do know she's starting to seek out help, and educate herself, even taking time to read here. If she does join, please go easy and remember, I've only provided one side of the story. Help her if your wisdom and experience can make her future better, kinder, and more loving.
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