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Default Round table for the win!

Indigo and I (as he mentioned) did have some problems last week, but they were sorted out. After said issues were sorted, he said that he had planned on offering a surprise overnight option on Friday, should Mr. A's schedule work out. (He works about 28 days a month, and rarely has time off on a weekend, when I do.)

Miracle of miracles, Mr. A had a freaking day off on Saturday! Indigo and I spent some quality snuggle time together before Mr. A picked me up on Friday, and then off I went.

Saturday morning comes around and Mr. A and I contemplate brunch. I need to call Indigo to okay being later than our agreed time if Mr. A and I are to go to brunch. I tell Mr. A I need to call Indigo and he asks if it's to invite him. I said no ... but the bug was planted and I sheepishly asked a few minutes later if he'd mind, since I couldn't imagine a lovelier way to enjoy brunch at my favourite spot. He said it was all good!

So we went to brunch. With a round table! The food was wonderful and the company was better. The sun was shining! I got to sit with one leg touching each of Indigo AND Mr. A.

I didn't truly realize until after, but these two gents don't know each other. I mean I knew this, but sitting there, they have much in common and seemed to be quite at ease, laughing at the same jokes, poking fun at me, and referencing pop culture-y things I don't get. It was easy to forget that they probably haven't talked for more than 2 hours total. This made me appreciate the whole experience even more.

Indigo very generously offered to pay for brunch, and my heart melted all over again. He has worked so hard for me, for this. I know he could take or leave poly; certainly life would be easier for him to leave it. But he's not leaving it. He's taking it, and therefore me.

I am trying harder to be so appreciative of this man.

You can read Indigo's version of brunch here.
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