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Originally Posted by berserker239 View Post
They wont focus on that thought, most christians are too god fearing to think against anything their preists tell them. Its a shame cause alot of them are good people
True. It takes a lot before someone feels comfortable or empowered enough to disagree with their priest. My mother, who is Christian, confessed to me that she disagreed with her priest about two things.

The first was that it was a greater sin for a wife to disobey her husband than to follow her own conscious. For example, if her husband told her to murder, it would be a bigger sin to disobey him than to murder.

The other was that Jesus was the only way to heaven. She hated the implications that children (or even adults) who never heard of God would roast in hell forever. She just figured that that part of the Bible must be wrong.

Originally Posted by XYZ123
It may possibly negate some of the "beliefs" you've been TAUGHT, but do you want to believe something is right that holds you and others back from happiness in this life? Instead of searching in an ancient book or in the supposed wisdom of people who want to dictate your life, search your own heart and soul. You'll know.
Yeah, I agree. I was arguing with a Christian once about gay marriage. I was presenting Bible verses that support homosexuality while also admitting that there were Bible verses that were against it as well. So I asked, "The choice comes down to how ytou wish to interpret the Bible. And that choice comes down to whether you will stand on the side of love or the side of intolerance." I thought it was a good argument, however, it did not sway him.
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