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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
You're looking for a benefit to poly under the conditions she has given you? There is none unless you just want the house to yourself.

You have no choice so your self confidence will be shot.
You'll feel ashamed because people will think of you as weak when they find out, and they will unless you're really good at hiding it or just don't care.
When people ask you how you and your wife are doing, a knife will peirce your chest and they will see it in your eyes
Every time she visits him you'll probably feel physically ill at the idea of him sweating on her
Wow I have never seen this side of mono. But I can't disagree with anything. I just wanted to re-iterate what he put here as I am a checklist kind of guy.

I understand that love is not a limited resource, but sex, to me, is not something to be shared when you've married based on an implied agreement.
Interesting, you gave me an idea for a thread ...
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