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Default Interesting...

This article is really hard to respond to, as I am not a Mother, I am 20 years old, and I never related much to my peers. When I say that, I mean to the MAJORITY of my peers. And, likely by extension the majority of society.

"Every generation thinks things are worse now than when they were growing up, Lloyd points out."

I found that statment very interesting, often I get from my friends 'God, kids are so stupid these days, we were never that dumb.' And I always like to point out that you like to see yourself as being better then you were, and we did stupid shit too.
I think that relates as well to how women, girls, see themselves in society. You're in a different place then you were at that age, and as much as we all have the capacity to relate to those younger, (even though they'll always deny it) you think differently then you used to, your life has changed.

They also mention the problem with feminism, as young girls have a much different image in their mind when they hear the word then our mothers, or grandmothers. My own mother is a very closed-minded woman, and I am thankful that I have been able to grow past this. I do recall in highschool, a student mentioned something about feminists don't shave their legs, and would never marry, and other ridiculous notions.

But we were never taught to see is as being any different. You hear crazy extreme stories on Tv and in the Media, and BAM. You've categorized it and thats that. Mystery solved. My english teacher did her best to try and change the opinions of my classmates, with likely very little success.

Dissing your friends, 'hey bitch!' Or slut, or whore, and I have heard much worse, I personally find very offensive. And any friends I have who do say things, know better then to say it to me. And I don't care what any of them says I know it affects them.

My best friend came to me and asked me, honestly, if I thought she was a slut. What was it that she did? She had sex with a guy that she kinda liked, but neither was after a relationship. Her other 'best friends' had called her a slut etc, and she was feeling very self-conscious. Sometimes I wanna slap girls for how stupid they can be.

I am sure I could go on and on.
But I will try and wrap up my little rant. (For those of you not reading tune in here!)
I think, in some circles, feminists have come a long away. Especially in regards to education and careers, and just the way people talk. But the media plays a heavy role in a teens life, and some of it just can't be erased. I think our society is much to focused on material items. Why? Because it sells! How else are you going to make money unless you sell your product?!
But at what cost?

I am sorry if I keep getting off-topic.
But don't give up RP, some people can still make their own choices.
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