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Originally Posted by JRiverMartin View Post
Yup! And most -- not all -- of these same sort of folk are afraid of social, spousal, or gf/bf disapproval or rejection. It comes with the typical training package. It isn't their fault. They just haven't seen through the fog of their training very far yet.

Once more folks realize that love is love is love is love, regardless of the number of people included, all hell will break loose!

Well Light on that! That would be a just plain lovely place to live, where people realise that who you love and who you make love to is really all about you, and that/those people and there is nothing else to it!

Oh well, I guess it's a dream.
I have many in my family. And this is good.
I have many friends. And this is good.
I have many teachers. And this is good.

I have many loves. And this is a great concern. The greatest insanities of this world are those stock full in the face of all.
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