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Funny enough, we are "out" to our own kids. (18 and 13) yet don't really mention anything around our OSO's kids. This is out of respect for our OSO's. They don't wish to open up to their kids, yet all their neighbors know about the four of us. ??? Funny how that works isn't it? LOL So we are KINDA open in THEIR circles, but in our own, we are almost COMPLETELY open. Havent told any of our parents yet....No idea if we ever will either.

It'll be kinda weird when L and I renew our vows for our 20th anniversary (which is Jan 16 2011). We are doing this on July 16th 2011. I am asking S to be my best man, and L is asking D to be her maid of honor (is that the right term?) Anyway, we are doing our own vows this time around, and I'm pretty sure that we are going to try to keep anything about "forsake all others" and/or "only each other" and/or "monogamously" out of them. LOL We will likley not be including S &D in our vows....Unless something changes drastically between now and then. (This is possible, but not likely )
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