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Sounds like you have a bit in common with her, PollyPocket

I am still in the process of just getting to know her, I think if her husband and I had a relationship it will come second. I know that is what she wants though, she talks about it hypothetically fairly frequently.

Although I am not there yet, I can understand her feeling that way, especially if you were friends with her first. I'd relate it a lil bit to moving in with a close friend, we thought it'd be really easy, because we knew each other so well, but we also knew how to piss each other off. Which is of course the oppposite side of any relationship!

That does make sense that 3 means 3 times more fun, and 3 times more pain.

This site helps a lot, and I don't know about all of you, but as this is very new for me, I haven't really spoken about it with many of my friends. I have in the past, metioned it somewhat hypothetically, and I can't imagine what they'd say if I said I was trying to enter one!

It sounds like the three of you really want things to work out, and I am sure you'll sort things out as you go through it

Nice to meet you!!
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