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Also chiming in on the circumcision thing.... I -do- think that circumcision is mutilation, and I really wish my boyfriends weren't circumcised - but not for MY sake, for THEIRS. I am given to understand that an uncircumcised penis is more sensitive and such. As far as being on the receiving end, I like penises. Circumcised, uncircumcised, big, small, whatever. And I would never, EVER, !!EVER!!, tell a boyfriend that his member looks "mutilated", or is less capable of pleasuring me, or any other BULLSHIT cruel line like that. That was just unacceptably insensitive of her.

As for what I'd do in your situation.... I'd show her this thread and all of its replies, and demand that she seek counselling with you for better communication. Or I'd take the kid and go. And when the next kid is born, have a DNA test. If you're the Dad, take that one too, or give her the option of booting out klepto-emo-boy and make an attempt at resurrecting the family that she ruined.

If I were her, in a situation as awful as this, and realized what damage I'd done, I'd have an abortion just to not bring a child - a defenseless child!! - into this utter trainwreck of a life. NO child should be forced into such a dysfunctional mess. The person I hurt most for in your situation isn't you, it's your little girl. Healthy polyamorous families are perfectly fine environments for kids. So are healthy monogamous families. The key words are HEALTHY and FAMILIES. You are currently not living like a family, and the situation is anything but healthy. For the sake of your girl, and the kid on the way.... Stand up for yourself and seek some professional help.

If you insist on trying to make this mess work, you need to ALL seek poly-friendly counselling, now, before it gets even worse.

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