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That's a T@B, which is the MOST like an RV of all teardrops (and very expensive). "Little Guy" is more like it, that's another manufactured brand. Ours is home-built, not by us, we bought it on eBay. There is a whole sub-culture of teardrop enthusiasts, and quite a few people have more than one. We belong to another forum dedicated especially to camping in this type of trailer and other small travel trailers (shastas, airstreams, scotties, etc.). Ours is about 5'x10'x4'high (inside) and is very little more than a bed on wheels. I like being able to keep everything I need in there. A whole other set of pillows, toiletries, and some books (field guides and shit), and YES, a DVD player for like when it rains or so that I can watch Top Chef re-runs while I am getting ready to grill things (but outside, not inside).

I am a gear-head but I am not ashamed about it.
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