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Well it's funny how the brain works...and by funny I mean totally irrational and annoying...So Thursday night I start to feel like (for various reasons all of which were discussed at a later time) that I was secondary to Mr. A. It was absolutely ridiculous because even though I felt my time was being encroached upon, it really wasn't, just my perception was. I guess it felt like TP could move my time with her around and cut it back but not Mr. A's. Of course my Reptile Brain didn't rationally understand that she could do that because she spent so much time with me.

It was the stupidest thing that set it off too, she wasn't feeling well and..."It" Being my thought process...went upstairs to lie down, I went to check on her....She was wearing Mr. A's sweater bored from a particularly cold night stupid reptile brain went into overdrive about her using his sweater, when in reality it was the closest at anyway Friday I told her how I was feeling and it blew up into a fight...which was resolved.

But I guess the point...if there is a point to any of my that how stupid it seems to me that her wearing a sweater from Mr.A can upset me, but I can have brunch on Saturday morning with him and TP, and then watch them say goodbye to each other (kiss and I love you's) and not be phased. What the hell is my brain on?
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