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i have been getting a lot of flak from one of my friends about my poly leanings. I get that she cares about me and doesn't want to see me hurt but every time I try to explain things to her, she doesn't want to hear about it. I am not going to change the way I am to suit her but it is very frustrating as she is one of my best friends (as well as my roomie). Her comment when i told her I was poly was that she didn't want a revolving door on our house. I tried to explain that it's not all about having sex with random strangers but she doesn't really get it. she has zero problem with my bisexuality.

I'm not looking for advice on this one, she was in a LTR that ended badly with her BF of 9 years cheating on her and so is having trust issues with guys in general. She doesn't think that this love style will work for her and so I think that she thinks it shouldn't work for me. I will just carry on living how i live and she can disapprove or not as she sees fit, I will not try to change her mind any longer...

Just a rant to get things off my chest, I feel much better about this thanks.
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