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Originally Posted by aussielover View Post
ooh I'd love to go. Seems though we're all so spread far apart. And by then, I'll be in Oz too! (woohoo)
The "spread far apart" thingy is why I proposed regional gatherings. Regional Poly Gatherings aren't a new concept, however! That's the good news. They have occurred, and it seems that at least some of them have been of the tent/camping/outdoorsy sort I imagined. (Lots less expensive than hotels, and more fun!)

Polyamory is now an international phenomenon. Well, I'm sure it always has been, but now it has a name and ... magazines, web sites, organizations, etc.... So one can use the internet (as we now are) to find what's already happening in our necks of the woods. But there's no reason we cannot use as a "hub" to organize our own local and regional get-togethers. I bet there are already plans to bring our kind together in Oz, the UK, the USA.... Etc. But we're not CENTRALLY organized, and are free to concoct our own gatherings, wherever we are. It all starts with talking. Or talking and research....
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