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Originally Posted by MCow View Post
My husband swears that his love for me has not changed at all. We have a beautiful relationship. That by allowing him to be with this other person, that he will be happier and ultimately a better husband to me and a better father to our children.

I would like to hear from others who have been on this roller coaster I’m currently on. How did you come around to accepting this lifestyle and how were you able to let go of all of the negative feelings? How do I get over the feelings of total craziness when I know he’s going to be with her? It bothers me sometimes when he and I are in the middle of something and she calls or texts because he will always either take the call or answer the text and I feel that even then, she’s in the way and I resent both of them for this.
I am going to tell you my experience.
Exactly the same situation "but I am the husband".
I love MUCH MORE my wife since she accepted my lifestyle, with other women in the house.

True love is "above anything".. keep your husband and never leave him, even if sometimes you make coffee for 3 (or more).

I will never quit a woman that simply accepts that I am "poly".

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