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Just a quick update, in case others out there are experiencing some of the same insane NRE!! It truly is crazy!

Friday night was incredible! The 3 of us went out for a night in the big city. I am not sure if it was the great communication that we had had for the two days preceding it, or what....BUT I was soooo good with it! I was sooo comfortable 'letting' (not sure if that is the right word??) the two of them 'date each other' for the night. I hung back and watched and totally dug it!

Don't get me wrong. C paid me some kindness too....a few touches here and there, a steamy hot restroom stall kiss, and some beautiful smiles and laughs along the way, but I just seemed that I was good with it all, and the monster TRULY was no where to be seen!

We made it home and continued the frolicking into the early hours of the morn!

Soooo happy today....yet I look back to a few days ago (trying NOT to!) and wonder why or how I was so wigged out by it all. Hormones? lol.

I suggested to them both that they go for a motorbike ride together and enjoy some alone time, while I go to the Toy Store! <yay!>

Does anyone have any insight into this? Could it all be just from communication? Or is it the fact, that I have some attention again!?

Who knows? I will take it's beautiful!!
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