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Default So, about that other guy he wants you to sleep with

Everything was going really well yesterday. B and my wife were planning their day trip out. H was in a really good mood because he had gotten a new electronic toy, and he was texting my wife and me (!) all about it. B went to work around 7, and H started texting my wife again, then shyly asked if he could call. So, he did, and he and my wife ended up talking for an hour. It was all very sweet. My wife still insists that she doesn't think she can fall in love with him, but I don't think anyone is expecting or forcing her to. There is an obvious friendship and affection, though, and B and I both are enjoying watching it grow.

So then I was a little disappointed that I hadn't received a reply to a text I had sent B. My wife said, "well, there's no reason she can't text you," and let her know that. B sent me a few texts and things were going well. Then B started sending some very naughty texts to my wife and all was amusing and sexy for a while. But one of the last texts...well...opened up a real can of worms. B let it slip that while H was having his "genital injury troubles" he made her an offer: that really cute guy she knows who wants to bang her? The one that's obviously not me? Well, he doesn't mind if he sleeps with her while H watches! Now B made it clear that she was not interested in this offer...

But. H didn't want me to even talk to B on the phone alone, but it's OK for her to fuck some other guy she barely even knows? What. The. Fuck.

Yeah, that one called for a serious time out. I was pissed about that and my wife was completely on my side over that. I'm not even sure why B had to mention that. I know it was an attempt to show me that she was looking to abandon her formerly wild ways, but...seriously, did I need to know that?

So B called me. She warned me early on that her phone was dying. I admitted to her, look, I appreciate so much that you are turning down offers like that, and I know what this means, but on the other hand it's not easy to hear that H is OK with you sleeping with random guys but wants pretty serious restrictions on contacting me. She got that. I said, you know, I thought H was being pretty cool with my wife and I, talking to and texting us all day. And she's admitted to H that she's fallen in love with both of us, and he's totally cool with her spending the day with my wife. So, what up B? B admitted there was some other stuff going on. Mainly, that H isn't ready to settle down just yet. She's OK with abandoning the swinging lifestyle to settle into a poly relationship. He's not, because of a previous bad experience with poly, and, as she put it bluntly, there's a part of him that still wants to be a horndog. It's obvious he loves B and craves sex with my wife but maybe that's not enough for him now. I said I respected their lifestyle (this is something that B worries about me, that my lack of experience in this leads me to not respect them as people) and I understood that people needed to move at different paces.

Then her phone died. Shit.

Wife and I went to bed. I slept, sort of. Woke up at 6 and clutched her tightly. Finally around 8 I checked my phone. Nothing. My wife wanted to call off the day at first, said that I was the one who needed to talk to B, and she felt nervous talking to her. I said "you're the person that H trusts with B, I need you to talk to her." She wasn't sure, and her self-esteem was starting to ebb. I reminded her of how much B would like to see her. I kissed her to tell her it was OK. Then we had passionate, giggly, multiorgasmic sex, which I had wanted so badly from her. Around 9:30 we finally bothered to check my phone again. B had texted around 8:30. She said that she and H had talked a lot, and she would tell my wife about what they had discussed. She was afraid of losing me and said she hadn't slept all night. She reiterated that she loved me. I texted back to tell her I loved her too.

So I think today might actually go OK.

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