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I can definitly cast a vote for the potential intimacy of group (small?) sex. 3way and 4 way sex are something we have enjoyed immensly for a long time. From her perspective, she feels very special when 2 or more people are focused solely on bringing her pleasure. From his (my) perspective it may be intensley intimate seeing how the two others are on the same wavelength about focusing on my pleasure.
There's a lot of unique intimacy that can be shared in this manner that literally can't be shared any other way.
ANd then, all lying in a pile cuddling after is a treat worth experiencing.

So for me (us), there's a time and place for private intimacy and a definite time/place for shared intimacy. They are both unique parts of a bonding process. But it's all about the people involved and how you go into it - and what you are truly open to.

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