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Went out to visit a few friends tonight. Mohegan had a conversation with the female (they're a couple), and they came to the conclusion that they don't like my GF because of "the vibe they get from her".

What The Fuck!??!

If I actually understand things correctly, the friend actually said that she doesn't know why she doesn't like my GF, but that she isn't welcome in her home. What the hell is this? How do you dislike someone that much, when you can blatantly say that you don't know why you don't like them?

So now Mohegan can't tell me why she doesn't like my GF, other than she "doesn't like the vibe she gets from her", and that "she sets me on edge when she's around".

I asked Mohegan what GFs done wrong. She didn't give me an answer.

Makes me wonder if she/they do have a reason, and just dont want to tell me what it is. Honestly, I thought Mohegan and I were past bullshit like that, but nothing else makes any sense to me. If that isn't the case, then I'm just supposed to accept the fact that my GF has done something to be hated, just by existing. Or, in my opinion, because she's a part of my life. Honestly, I think that's the reason they "don't like her" for "no reason".

Fuck this. I'm all for working out problems, talking things through, seeing things from the other perspective, ect. I've tried everything I know how to, to work this out. No matter what I do, what 'revelation' we come to, there's always some new thing that comes up, some new bullshit problem that wasn't there before, that I need to 'understand' and 'consider'. Now, there's no excuse that can be thrown my way, there's just naked, reasonless dislike being thown around at someone I love, who hasn't done anything wrong.

I'm done playing nice, and I'm done not defending her.
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