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Whatever you do, Don't Tell Him That Made Me Giggle!

There is a hierarchy in the Serious Business of Outdoorsmanship (... and Outdoorwoman [uh]... manship...).

At the top of the hierarchy of Serious Camping (no gay pun intended) are Backpackers, for obvious reasons.

Middleway, are the "car campers," who "pack" everything into the "wilderness" in their cars, but at least "rough it" by sleeping in tents.

At the very bottom of the hierarchy, are those who camp in trailers, which they pull behind their cars or trucks. They are at the bottom for obvious reasons.:
(a) They pee indoors! (b) they poop indoors (c) they often even cook indoors (d) they have eee-lec-tricity! (e) they may even blow dry their hair, or, worse (f) watch television in there!
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