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Default New & Unsure

I am looking for a lil advice.
First, I'd like to say that I have thought about being in a three-person relationship before, but I always thought that we would sorta find each other at close times in life. Whether I was with someone shortly, or I met a couple that was just starting out and we just sorta all fell in love together.

Perhaps this was a bit naiive.

I met a girl about a week ago, I only know her online, but she seems very interested in me. I have no problems with the fact that she and her partner are older then me. I do however have a problem with the fact that they have been together for most of their life (well, able to date life anyways) And they have 4 children together.

I am honoured that they are both interested, and I understand why they wish to add another woman to their relationship. (It's personal and I don't think important to share).

I really like her and her partner, but it does concern me that they have had a life together for so long. They have a very strong bond, and grew and matured together, things I haven't done. I think I feel a lil bit like an intruder.

I guess I don't see how I could form as strong a bond with either of them, and I am also afraid that I will just fall into step with them and not grow on an individual level.

Any thoughts or advice would be helpful.
I know that I am still getting to know them, and it isn't serious, but I can see how much she wants it to be.
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