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Default Eyebrows first into the void...

Well then: I don't know how many Brits frequent this place, but here I am, somewhere under Bristol by a lake, got dumped a few months ago and am slowly allowing the realisation to bob up to the surface that what I've always wanted was to be part of something like this (you'll have to imagine it slowly spinning so no-one's actually 'at the top'):
oh, and all the dotted lines are to make this not look wrong (stupid BBS too smart for its own good) and and... but you get the picture. Always thought I was nuts (or some more psychobabblical psychobiblical term meaning 'you're just kidding yourself/evil/thing') but it's becoming apparent that there's lots of other folk out there who feel 'the same' as I do, and that actually it's completely up to me whether I go for what I really want.

So here I am, glad to have found this forum after getting sidetracked by stupid dating sites 'free! - oh, no, actually not free!' etc.) Once I get back from my pre-Easter shopping, I'll be avidly reading you lot for the rest of the weekend, I expect

Love, yoxi x

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